Using the Right Products for Fuel Efficiency

May 10th, 2019 by

Fuel Pump

Avoid putting aftermarket products in your vehicle if you want to increase your fuel economy. These tend to quickly get absorbed without really doing any good for your vehicle. They can sometimes do more harm as they could clog your fuel filter, decreasing your fuel economy.

Use resources that are online to find the best gas stations. Avoid using stations that feature much lower prices than other businesses, as they might not have the best quality of gas to offer. Try to find stations that seem as though they are in competition with others but that also offer lower prices.

When you need to get gas, do so early in the morning as gas deliveries are usually made overnight or first thing during the day. Once the gas has had a chance to expand during the day, it can sometimes have more air and condensation in it, which can then lead to decreased fuel economy. National Auto Plaza can offer tips about the best gas to use for your vehicle.