Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

2022 Kia EV6 Electric Crossover SUVs

Do electric cars use oil? Do you need to schedule an electric car oil change? The answer is no, electric cars do not use motor oil at all. However, electric cars do need other maintenance tasks to perform at their peak on the Salt Lake City roads. Get to know more about the inner workings of the EV segment, and schedule your next maintenance appointment at the National Auto Plaza service center today!

What Maintenance Does an EV Need?

So, do electric cars need oil? The answer is no, but there are other automotive fluids that are necessary like any other vehicle. That includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Not sure what these components do? Take a look:

  • Brake Fluid: EV brakes work the same as the brakes in any other vehicle, which means brake fluid is necessary to lubricate the moving components safely.
  • Transmission Fluid: Your EV also has a transmission, which means it needs transmission fluid. Transmission fluid ensures that the gears move smoothly, so your car shifts properly.
  • Coolant: EV models also need coolant in the radiator, so the battery and vehicle systems won’t overheat.

Additionally, your electric vehicle also needs tire care like any other vehicle. This includes tire rotations, alignments, and balancing.

What Parts are Unique to the EV?

Your electric vehicle shares many systems in common with gas-powered models, including braking systems and transmission, but it also has its own unique set of components. Electric vehicles use an electric current delivered from your battery, generating torque through magnets that spin the motor and set your car into motion. Thus, there are a number of components only found on an electric vehicle:

  • Charging ports: External chargers bring power to the battery of your vehicle.
  • Traction motors: These motors turn your vehicle’s wheels.
  • Onboard charger: This charging system converts the external charge you receive from a charging port into DC power.
  • DC-DC converter: This converts the high-voltage direct current (DC) power that comes from the battery into the low-voltage DC power that moves the vehicle.
  • Battery: Your battery stores the electricity that powers the motors as you drive.
  • Thermal system: This system keeps your motors and electronic components from overheating.

Schedule Your Next Service at National Auto Plaza

Now you know the answers to “Do electric cars use oil” and “What kind of maintenance does my EV need?” But if you have other questions, contact us at National Auto Plaza for more information about EV ownership and get more service tips today!


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