GMC Sierra vs. Chevy Silverado

2021 GMC Sierra 1500 vs. 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500
Chevy Silverado 1500


GMC Sierra 1500
Just under $30,000

Price - New (base models)

$30,000 and above

Price - Used


Retained Resale Value

Starting with 2021 model

Multi-function Tailgate

2019 and newer
Square, boxy, masculine

Exterior Front Design

Sleek, rounded

Adaptive Ride Control

Not available

Maybe you’re considering a hard-working GM truck, but you’re having an internal Silverado vs. Sierra debate. Both theChevy Silverado andGMC Sierra are GM products and would look great in any Sandy driveway. But what are the differences? Check out our detailed, side-by-side GMC Sierra vs. Chevy Silverado comparison below.

GMC Sierra vs. Chevy Silverado – Price

Any Silverado vs. Sierra comparison has to talk about price. Most trims of the GMC Sierra are normally priced a couple of thousand dollars more than their Chevy Silverado equivalents. That’s because the Sierra offers more features and uses more premium materials for the interior.

GMC Sierra vs. Chevy Silverado – Exterior Design

The side profiles of both of these trucks feature the rugged good looks that so many Draper area drivers seem to admire. The real difference is in the design of the front. The Chevy Silverado sports a boxier, more masculine look, while the grille and headlights of the Sierra combine to create a sleeker, rounder appearance. Of course, the front of the Silverado features the Chevy bowtie emblem, while the Sierra sports the GMC emblem.

GMC Sierra vs. Chevy Silverado – Features

GM markets the Chevy Silverado as its commercial line of pickups, but markets the GMC Sierra as its professional line. So, while both trucks are nearly identical mechanically, the Sierra typically contains more high-end features and premium materials. One difference between used Sierra trucks and used Silverado trucks is the multi-function tailgate, known as the “Multi-Pro Tailgate” on the Sierra. You’ll be able to find this feature on late-model used Sierra trucks, but Chevy did not start featuring it until the 2021 model year.

Silverado vs. Sierra – Resale Value

The resale value for the Silverado and Sierra are about the same, with the Silverado depreciating at a slightly slower rate. Here are the resale rates of each:

Retained Resale Value after 5 Years – Silverado vs. Sierra

  • Chevy Silverado – 58%
  • GMC Sierra – 57%

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