Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil: What’s the Difference?

Service Technician changing the oil on a vehicle


Motor oil keeps our cars going on the Sandy road. Every driver is aware of that, but what are the different types of oil and how do they compare? Our service technicians at National Auto Plaza have all the information for you! Let us break down synthetic oil vs. regular oil as well as full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend, so you can get a solid understanding of each type. 

What is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

Conventional oil, also commonly referred to as “regular” oil, is a petroleum-based substance that has been used in internal combustion engines for many years to lubricate internal parts and to reduce engine wear. Motor oil is distilled from crude oil that’s mined from the ground, and it also serves to protect your car’s engine from high temperatures, which is a must during the hot summers in Draper and nearby areas.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is petroleum-based like regular oil. However, unlike regular oil, it provides enhanced lubrication properties and is more stable. Synthetic oils oxidize less easily than conventional oils and are also better at retaining protective properties, which is one of the main differences when it comes to synthetic oil vs. regular oil. Because synthetic oil is chemically developed from petrochemicals in intense processes to provide pinpointed properties, they are more superior and more expensive than conventional oils. Synthetic oils also:

  • Are less viscous at lower temperatures,
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties, and
  • Better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped). 

What About Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends?

Synthetic blends are part synthetic oil and part conventional oil, which lowers the cost compared to that of full synthetic oil. Still, it provides enhanced properties, unlike standard conventional oil. All in all, when it comes to full synthetic vs. synthetic blends, synthetic blends are a good medium ground between full synthetic and conventional oil. 

Note: Some vehicles require full synthetic oil, so check your owner’s manual or contact our service experts to confirm which type of oil your vehicle requires before deciding if you should go for full synthetic or synthetic blends.

Schedule an Oil Change in Sandy, UT Now!

After learning about synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, it’s time to take care of your vehicle’s oil! Schedule an appointment when your vehicle is due for an oil change near Salt Lake City. We can help you keep your motor oil in proper working condition!

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