How to Prep Your Car For Ski Season

Ski, snow and winter fun


The Utah ski season boasts some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country! If you’re planning a ski trip into the mountains to one of Utah’s many parks and resorts, you’ll want to make sure that you and your vehicle are properly prepped for the trip. This includes stocking up on essentials, topping off your fluids, testing your tire pressure, and installing any necessary equipment like a ski roof rack. Since travel for ski and snowboarding trips often involves driving through hazardous conditions or weather, it’s important that you consider all of the items in the guide below. So, if you’re planning on a trip to Deer Valley Resort near Salt Lake City, the service team at National Auto Plaza has got you covered!

Prepping Your Car For a Ski or Snowboarding Trip

Besides having your winter emergency car kit ready, you will need a bit more preparation for the Utah ski season: 

  • Inspect your vehicle. The best way to make sure your vehicle is properly prepped for ski season is to have it properly inspected. Make sure the technician checks things like your tire pressure, fluid levels, wiper blades, and brake pads.
  • Stock up on supplies. If you’re heading up into the mountains for a trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly stocked up before leaving Draper. Bring plenty of nonperishable food, water, blankets, and winter clothes.
  • Invest in chains. If you don’t drive a four-wheel drive vehicle, you’ll want a set of chains in case you get stuck in inclement weather on your way up or down the mountain. If weather conditions get bad enough, state troopers will stop individual cars to make sure they have chains equipped.
  • Equip your car as needed. Depending on whether you’re bringing up your own skis or snowboards, install a ski roof rack on top of your car to safely transport all your gear.
  • Do a final check. Test your car’s defroster, make sure your fuel tank is full, and drive safe!

Prep Your Car for Utah Ski Season with National Auto Plaza!

If you’re headed off on a ski or snowboard trip and want to get your car inspected by a professional, schedule a service appointment and bring your vehicle by either of our location at National Auto Plaza or Sandy, whichever is most convenient for you! You can also contact our office if you have any questions about prepping your car for ski season, or to learn more about the services that National Auto Plaza offers.

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