Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

Electric Car Charger

If soaring gas prices have you thinking about getting an electric vehicle, charging batteries and the best way to do it is something you’ve likely been researching. How do you prepare your home for an electric vehicle? Do you need an electric vehicle home charger? What’s involved in installing an electric vehicle charging station at home? Keep reading to find out.

Which Electric Vehicle Home Charger Should You Buy?

If you drive just a short distance every day and are fine with allowing your car to charge overnight, then you can simply plug it in to an outlet using the cord that came with it. This is the Level 1 method of home charging an electric vehicle. Charging batteries with an electric vehicle home charger, known as Level 2 home charging, is a better option for most busy Salt Lake City drivers as it will shorten that charging time considerably. However, installing an electric vehicle charging station at home will require a professional. Here’s how to tell which method of charging is right for you:

  • Public electric vehicle charging station – You just run short errands in a city with lots of charging stations.
  • Level 1 home charging (120V) – You drive less than 60 minutes a day and are fine with charging the car overnight.
  • Level 2 home charging (240V) – You drive more than 60 minutes a day or need to charge the car faster than overnight.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

As you can see, while it’s true that there are multiple ways to charge an electric vehicle, charging batteries with a Level 2 can be the only practical solution for some busy drivers. Follow the steps below to get your home ready for an electric vehicle home charger:

  1. Clean your garage and prepare a space for the charger.
  2. Purchase your charger.
  3. Hire an electrician who is experienced at installing an electric vehicle charging station at home.

Check Out the Electric Vehicles and Hybrids at National Auto Plaza

We often have high-quality, reliable pre-owned electric and hybrid vehicles on stock at our dealerships. We also have a wide array of fuel-efficient gas vehicles, as well. Why not come take them for a test drive? We have two convenient locations in Sandy. So, drop by or contact us today!

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