Cummins vs. Duramax vs. Power Stroke

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Sandy drivers on the hunt for a truck will come up against plenty of jargon to sort through. To help you, National Auto Plaza has put together a guide comparing Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax—3 iconic engine brands in the segments that you’ll have to choose from. Read on for a swift and direct comparison of Duramax vs Cummins and Duramax vs Powerstroke. Then explore our extensive used inventory of trucks at our Sandy and National Auto Plaza locations


Cummins was originally a Ford production, and the oldest among these engine options. It was first produced in 1919, and though once strictly a Ford component, it has also graced RAM trucks and Nissan Titans. When comparing Powerstroke vs. Duramax vs. Cummins, Cummins historically offers Draper drivers higher torque but fewer horsepower. Whether you choose a Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax, however, you can rest assured you’re getting a powerful engine. 


Comparing Duramax vs. Powerstroke or Duramax vs. Cummins can be tricky because the Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax were designed to compete with one another. Differences come down to slight leads in niche categories. Salt Lake City drivers can expect GM’s engine, the Duramax, to generally offer horsepower that can compete toe to toe with the Powerstroke and best Cummins. In 2019, the 6.6-liter Duramax Engine LFP V8 offered 445 hp to the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Engine’s 450 hp. This means you can rely on the Duramax for quick acceleration and responsive handling. Unfortunately, its towing numbers tend to lag behind the competitions’. The 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Engine from 2019 could tow up to 34,000 pounds and the Cummins could tow up to 31,210 pounds. The Duramax only reached 23,300 pounds. 


The Powerstroke is also a Ford production. It’s quickly becoming the most respected truck engine on the market. While it can’t offer the torque of a Cummins, it tends to excel in every other category. If you’re looking to buy a class 6 or 7 commercial truck, it also helps that the Powerstroke offers a 250,000-mile warranty! 

Compare Cummins vs. Duramax vs. Powerstroke via a Test Drive

If you have more questions about our comparison between the Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax engines, call our National Auto Plaza location at 888-703-1238 and our Sandy location at 888-200-6128 to schedule for some comparative test drives. If you have any other automotive research questions, be sure to check out research guides for other helpful articles about the differences between gas and diesel trucks and more!

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