Staying Charged in the Winter

January 31st, 2019 by

Winter Tires in snow

Before getting stranded in your car in the winter, make a survival kit that has a few tools that you can use to stay warm and hydrated until help arrives. If you keep your car running the entire time, you're going to run out of gas at some point. Instead of using the heater in the car, make a heater by using a candle inside a metal can. You'll also need a lighter for the candle. Since you're in a confined space, the heat from the candle that is trapped inside the can will begin to warm you and others in the car.

Flashlights are important to have in your survival kit. LED flashlights are often brighter and last longer than standard lights. Make sure you have plenty of batteries in your kit as well. When you visit National Auto Plaza, someone can check your headlights and the other electrical components in your car to ensure that you can be seen by others on the road.

Keep a charger for your phone in your car. Your phone won't benefit you if it can't be used because the battery is dead.


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