Tips for Cleaning Any Car Quickly and Easily

Cleaning your car in a hurry is easy if you take advantage of the following tips. Wash the car exterior with a hose so you get most of the dirt off the paint surface. Use a clean cloth soaked in a polish on the exterior fast, then drive your vehicle so the wind can remove any remaining water droplets. Use the polish cloth to now run over the tires last.

Drop the car mats on the ground to loosen any dirt trapped in them, bang them on the curb a few times. Place some glass cleaner on a paper towel…

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Why Should You Buy A Crossover?

Has your old, reliable vehicle finally given up? Are you in the market for something new-to-you that you can rely on each day? If so, how about a crossover SUV? This type of vehicle has really gained a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to how practical it is. Many of the current manufacturers have a crossover as part of their lineup. It might take some research and shopping around to narrow down your search, but a crossover is a great option for new drivers and more experienced drivers alike. 

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How a Rearview Camera Enhances Your Safety

Here at National Auto Plaza, we want you to have the latest information about your vehicle's safety features. The more you know, the more you understand what safety features are best for yourself and your family.

Rearview cameras are now being included in vehicles to show drivers what's behind their rear bumper that they can't see. Studies have shown that nearly 57 percent of drivers with rearview cameras installed in their vehicle were able to avoid hitting or backing over stationary objects they weren't able to see using their mirrors. 

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Get the Facts With a Vehicle History Report

You may be considering your next used car, but you may also have questions about the history of the vehicle before it enters your hands. At our dealership, we want to make sure that our customers have an informed choice when selecting their next vehicle.

A vehicle history report can give you the facts that you need to make your decision. Based on the vehicle's unique VIN or vehicle information number, this kind of report can tell you about the type of title a car has, its accident history and its previous ownership record. 

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Payload and Towing: Is There a Difference?

If you think payload and towing are the same thing, you're wrong, but you're not alone. Many people don't know the difference and use the terms interchangeably. 

Your truck's payload is what can carry inside, including people and cargo. Towing capacity is what it can pull with a trailer. Payload ability is usually less than towing because with towing, the weight isn’t bearing on the vehicle directly. 

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Does Your Ignition Require Service?

If your vehicle doesn’t start, it could be indicative of a dead battery, but it can also mean the starter or ignition is going bad. If the ignition eventually goes out completely, it can result in a towing bill and a lot of inconvenience. If your vehicle hasn’t been starting like it should, give us a call at National Auto Plaza or stop and see us. 

Paying attention to signs your ignition is going out can prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repair bills.

  • Grinding sound
  • No sound at all when key turns
  • Oil-soaked starter 
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Shiny Wheels Complement a Shiny Vehicle Body

What goes best with the clean, shiny body of your vehicle? Well, a clean, shiny set of tires, of course. In fact, not only do your tires look better when you keep them clean, but they are also more protected from brake dust, a corrosive dust that is created when your brakes are applied.

To keep your tires beautiful and free of brake dust, there are a couple of things that you should do. First of all, when you are cleaning your vehicle, start with the wheels so that you are not spraying dust from your tires onto the clean…

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The Differential: Function and Service

Your car will have one or two differentials. It will have two if it is a four-wheel drive vehicle. The function of the differential is to transfer the power coming from the engine to the axles so that the wheels will turn. The differential is also what makes it possible for your vehicle to turn corners effectively.

The differential in your vehicle has gears that are lubricated with a fluid. The fluid in the differential needs to be changed on a regular basis. You should follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations on how often to change the differential fluid

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The Value of Replacing Your Car's Filters

Take a look around the inside of your vehicle. You will discover a number of air filters that help to keep air going to the motor and cabin cleaner, similar to the air filters inside your house working to improve overall air quality. The cabin air filters work to remove any allergens from the air that could degrade the interior air quality inside your vehicle. Clogged filters are not working properly to remove things like mold spores, so they negatively impact the ride of driver and passengers.


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Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning This Season

If you live in an area where rainy or wet conditions are usually present, it is important that you have quality tires. Driving on bald tires could increase your vehicle's stopping time when there is significant moisture on the road. In addition to having the right tires, your driving habits can reduce the odds of hydroplaning.

As soon as you see water on a street or highway, reduce your speed immediately. Ideally, you will go about 5-10 mph under the speed limit. If you do slow down, do so gradually to ensure that your tires have sufficient traction to…

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