Learning About Your Brake Pads Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Here at National Auto Plaza we want you to know that many expensive car repairs can often be avoided by educating yourself. Learning about your brake pads, for example, can help you spot a minor issue that could bloom into a major repair.

Your brake pads have a very important function. They are applied to the rotor when you press the brake pedal to slow and stop the wheel. When your brake pads become worn they usually make a grinding or growling noise. Failing to replace worn brake pads can have a detrimental effect on your entire braking system, and that could mean major expenses for you.

We want to invite you down to our dealership in Murray and Sandy where you can speak with our trained staff to learn more about brake pads and their function. We'll also be happy to answer any questions that you may have about automobile maintenance when you come by.


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