How to Test the Battery on Your Car

It is important to know how to test your battery the next time you are having car troubles. Here at National Auto Plaza, we like to keep you informed so that you know what to do in situations like a battery failure.

Testing Battery With Voltmeter

Set your voltmeter to measure voltage. With the ignition turned off, touch the test probes from the voltmeter to the positive and negative terminals on the battery accordingly. If the battery reads 12.4 volts or more then you probably have a good battery.

Signs of a Bad Battery

If your battery reads below 12 volts when tested with a voltmeter and doesn't accept a charge that is a sign that you may need a replacement. Batteries can go bad after about five years. Bring either your vehicle or its battery to our dealership in the Sandy and Murray area if you need further assistance; we'll be happy to help.


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