When your car oddly veers right or left, and the steering wheel tilts even while drive straight, you may need a wheel alignment. Normal wear on parts can upend alignments. So can minor bumps or accidents. Regardless of the cause, the tires won't be running on the road at the proper angles unless restored to the correct alignment.

The process for fixing the three alignment angles starts with measuring them. At a service location, a machine measures the angles with precision. The technician records the measurements to determine any problems. If the alignment requires fixing, the technician restores the alignment to factory settings.

Once aligned, the vehicle's wheels should keep the car moving straight. Proper alignment also decreases the chances of excessive tire wear. Keep these things in mind when wondering if you should get the alignment checked.

At National Auto Plaza, our service technicians can handle alignment requests. They also perform various other services, routine and more.


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