How to Jump Start a Car as Safely as Possible

This guide to jump start a vehicle requires you have a good pair of jumper cables, some gloves, and a pair of safety goggles. Once the two cars are nose-to-nose, open the hoods and turn off the engine and vehicle lights. The jumper cables have two red and two black clamps. Put one red clamp on the positive of the good car battery, then the positive of the dead car battery.

Place the black clamp on the negative of the good battery, then an exposed metal surface of the car with the bad battery. Crank the car over, leave running a few minutes, then try to start the other car. It might take a few attempts to get it started. Remove the cables in the opposite order that the were placed on the car batteries.

Come to our auto parts and service center with your car once it's running so we can test the charging system thoroughly.

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