Does Your Ignition Require Service?

If your vehicle doesn’t start, it could be indicative of a dead battery, but it can also mean the starter or ignition is going bad. If the ignition eventually goes out completely, it can result in a towing bill and a lot of inconvenience. If your vehicle hasn’t been starting like it should, give us a call at National Auto Plaza or stop and see us.

Paying attention to signs your ignition is going out can prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repair bills.

  • Grinding sound
  • No sound at all when key turns
  • Oil-soaked starter
  • Burning smell or smoke when trying to start
  • Starter makes whining sound but does nothing

Good automotive maintenance will keep your vehicle running as long as possible and prevent high repair bills. Stop at our shop and have our technicians check out the ignition. We also offer a full line of automotive services and supplies.



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