Enjoy Smooth Rides With a Maintained Suspension

Every passenger vehicle on the road is equipped with some type of suspension system. The purpose of this mechanical installation is to provide stability on and off the road. There are several types of suspension systems that are commonly installed in compact cars, sedans and SUVs. Pickup trucks tend to have some of the most robust and durable support systems on the automotive market.

MacPherson struts are typically installed in the front of a vehicle. These struts have been engineered to work smoothly with a classic front-wheel drive (FWD) configuration. The rear chassis might be supported by torsion beams, leaf springs or multi-link components. Stabilizer bars can also be set up above the front and rear wheels. Pressurized by gas or other hydraulic fluids, the bars and shock absorbers take a harsh beating from the ground. Visit National Auto Plaza today to have your car's suspension system inspected and tuned according to the proper standards.

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