Your Transfer Case Gives You a 4WD Experience

If you have a true four wheel drive (4WD) model, then you will have a transfer case as an essential part of your transmission system. This is different than what is normally used on an all wheel drive (AWD) vehicle. AWD vehicles are in all wheel drive mode all of the time and have a front, center, and rear differential. 4WD models can be switched from the standard two wheel drive to four wheel drive by the driver and have a front and rear differential and a transfer case.

When the driver switches to 4WD, the transfer case is engaged and power is sent to both the front and rear differentials. The differentials then send power to each of your wheels, providing the driver with a 4WD experience.

If you'd like to discuss your car's transfer case or the transmission system, then contact one of the service experts here at the National Auto Plaza service shop.

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