Belts and Hoses are Critical to Performance

Doing your required auto maintenance is very important to the longevity of your vehicle. But when going through your maintenance routine, it is critical that you don't overlook all of the other little things that help make your engine run. Your belts and hoses are a perfect example of this. If one of those fail on you, all of a sudden you have a big problem caused by a small part.

Belts and hoses don't really require too much maintenance. In actuality, all you really need to to is periodically give them a visual check and make sure that they are still in good working order. Give yourself plenty of light and visually check each one. Give each one a little squeeze or bend and see if any cracks appear. If you see any that are too large or too deep or the belt or hose feels brittle, then you will know that it is time to replace it.

If your vehicle is in need of a belt and hose inspection, then bring it over to our service department here at National Auto Plaza.

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