Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning This Season

If you live in an area where rainy or wet conditions are usually present, it is important that you have quality tires. Driving on bald tires could increase your vehicle's stopping time when there is significant moisture on the road. In addition to having the right tires, your driving habits can reduce the odds of hydroplaning.

As soon as you see water on a street or highway, reduce your speed immediately. Ideally, you will go about five to 10 miles per hour under the speed limit. If you do slow down, do so gradually to ensure that your tires have sufficient traction to avoid gliding or spinning out of control.

If you are worried about your vehicle's tires, take it to the National Auto Plaza location near you for auto service right away. It may be possible to have the tires inspected for damage, rotated or replaced to help them function better. 

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